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Welcome Back, Shakti! We Couldn’t Be More Grateful For Your Support Of Our Small, Locally Owned Business!

The last several weeks have been an exciting time for all of us here at Shakti! From planning and preparing, from taking classes and practicing new procedures, we have definitely put our heart and soul into opening our doors, to provide services for you and for our community and practice our craft of bringing beauty to life.

For those of you who have waited patiently for us to reopen, we are grateful for all of your love and support. Some of you have been lucky enough to get an appointment in our first weeks of being open. Thank you for your kindness and support and we especially thank you for those beautiful Facebook and Google reviews. They go a long way to helping us restart our business during these very challenging times. For those that have not been in yet, it will be worth the wait. (We have openings available online through our online booking system, calling the salon or using our Pocket Salon App on iPhone or Android.)

Getting your hair done after such a long personal grooming “break” is no small matter. We know you’ve been waiting patiently. So have we! It’s glorious to reconnect with you again! It’s special to every one of us.

Here are some of the range of emotions we’ve noticed getting ready to come back to Shakti:



It’s happening! It’s finally happening! You’ve got your appointment. You either got a call, or voicemail message or you went online and scheduled your appointment yourself.

You’ve downloaded the Pocket Salon App and checked in or called from your call to let us know you are here.

You’re relieved to see our thorough and sanitary check in process and surprised by how efficient and caring it is. And that unmistakable aromatherapy scent of Aveda.

Your stylist or colorist greets you within minutes of your arrival and escorts you to your chair where you can finally allow someone to take really great care of you.

It’s a whole new world, and you’re simply delighted to be a part of it.




Am I dreaming? Is this real? Everything feels so normal again (kind of).

Practicing great social distancing and health and safety procedures but still indoors with a selection of strangers all taking health and safety seriously, and one of my favorite people actually touching my head?

You could be dreaming, you think. But you’re not. This is real life. And it’s beautiful



Did Shakti always have so many windows? Was there always this number of mirrors and beautiful plants?

Did the stylists always have this enthusiasm and joyful conversation? Or have they simply been missing this as much as you have?

Who cares! This place is magical. You’re never leaving.


Your stylist has just asked you if you would like to schedule your next appointment in six weeks. You’re worried there might be another shutdown so you schedule your next appointment in 4 weeks and one more after that, just in case.

Or, you begin to question your decision to come into a salon so early. It’s too soon. It’s too raw. You’re not ready for this. None of us are. What are we doing?!


This is fine. It’s all fine. In fact, it’s more than fine – it’s great. Chill out and enjoy this moment of me time.

Your hair is done. It looks class. You can finally leave the house again without throwing on a hat.

You’re you again. Congrats. Welcome back to Shakti. We’ll see you in a few weeks for more Shakti Love!

Thank you for supporting us in restarting our small business in our 30th anniversary year!


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